Sessões 4K



Sessions tested and approved by hundreds os institutions


Do you give discount for purchase of sessions by governmet and educational institutions?

Yes there is the possibility of discounts but it case will be analised individually.

Do you accept suggestions for creating sessions?

We are always open to suggestions for new themes. We have a team of professionals who will evaluate the suggestions taking into consideration, the acceptance of the subject, difficulty of development and time for producing it.

Can you accept videos and/or animations and/or soundtracks from third parts for other sessions?

We can evaluate the possibility. We do follow rigorous criteria of development that makes us very conservative concerning the use of third part material.

Do you hire professionals? Can I send a resume?

We are always looking for new professionals, including to work with marketing of our products in other countries. If you are interested send e-mails to

Can you send us a catalog?

Yes we have an eletronic catalog with information about the content of the shows available under request.

What is the appropriate age group for each session?

We do not work with age group but with the school grade instead and we indicate which show is more appropriate in each session.

Can we have access to images and sounds for evaluation purposes?

Yes, we do offer for download on our site previews of all products.

We are using one of your sessions. Can we use images and sounds from your site to do an advertisement of it in our site?

It is required a prior autorization. Please submit your request and we will evaluate.

What are the minimum requirements to use a session of yours?

The main important thing is that your projector must be digital. Major details only after consulting with one of our experts.

We want you to create a session for us. How much it will cost to produce it?

There is the possibility of developing sessions on demand. Send your idea and we will do a personalized quote.